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Step #1 Choose Your Color
The color of your suit is really important. Choose color that compliment your skin tone, hair & eye color. Keep in mind that stage lights will be very bright and bold primary colors stand out the most- such as blue, green, red.
Step #2 Choose Your Rhinestone Design
We offer a large variety of rhinestone designs- ombre, all over, or an unique pattern. If you’re competing in bikini or wellness, all over scattered in variety of colors or ombre gradient design. If you’re competing in figure or physique, then you can choose more intricate design or crystalwork that inspires you. Keep in mind that when choosing Saleyla suit, you can always change the fabric or rhinestone color.
Step #3 Choose Your Color- Top & Bottom Style. We offer 4 different top styles- triangle, molded triangle, halter & underwire. For bottom style bikini & figure are different cuts, but the most important is to choose your bottom back width coverage. You can check with your organization for the rules of the glute coverage and then decide on the cut. The less coverage the better your glutes would look.

Happy Competing!


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