As a competitor, you know that the perfect suit will give you the added confidence you need to win competitions.  The right suit will accentuate your strongest features and hide the weakest flaws.  After all of the hard work you have put into dieting and exercise, it is important to select the proper suit to display your body to it’s fullest potential—and a large portion of the design of your suit is choosing the COLOR.

Keep in mind that your body is your showcase. Stay with eye-catching, bold colors, but not too bright to where it takes away from the physique you have worked so hard on. Remember, stage lighting will make every suit look brighter than under normal light. 

Primary Colors like Red, Blue, Green and Purple always look great because these colors are pure in pigment. Here are four of our most popular, eye-catching colors here at Saleyla along with a few fabric suggestions:

  1. Red Competition Bikini

Fabric Examples: Red Metallic Spandex, Red Satin Spandex, Red Hologram Spandex

2. Blue Competition Bikini

Fabric Examples: Royal Blue Hologram Spandex, Blue Mystique Spandex, Royal Illusions Velvet

3. Green Competition Bikini

Fabric Examples:  Green Hologram Spandex, Dark Green Metallic Spandex, Emerald Green Shattered Glass Spandex

4. Purple Competition Bikini

Fabric Examples:  Purple Metallic Spandex, Lavender Mystique Spandex, Purple Avatar Spandex, Deep Eggplant Metallic Spandex

Remember, these are just helpful guidelines but most importantly, it is up to you and what makes you feel most confident on stage!


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