Hello Fitness competitors!

We are happy to introduce our new addition of custom print bikinis. We’ve had such a great feedback from our clients and decided to add more fun prints to lift your mood during the competition prep. These practice bikinis can be worn as swimsuit as well. They are all custom made to perfectly fit your body. At Saleyla , we pay great detail & attention , while building our bikinis in our factory, located in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

And let’s start with our Avocado Lovers!

Sipping her drink in Avocado Cutie Bikini

And did i hear you love Tacos! My love for tacos is endless! Any color trim by request.

Tacos Princess Bikini

Coffee Lovers is our next winner! Love, love coffee- but plain only, please…..for now

Coffee Lover Bikini

How about Unicorn? Pastel Shades & Dreamy Vibes!

Unicorn Rainbow Bikini

And lastly our new emoji peaches print! Sweet Peaches would cut your cravings for sure!

Sweet Peaches Bikini

We hope you enjoy our new prints! Have fun, be inspired and great things will happen in your life!


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