When shopping for your custom suit, it is important to ensure that the top style you select is flattering on your breasts. Having enhanced breasts versus natural breasts definitely plays a role in the top style you ultimately end up choosing. We have a variety of top styles to flatter both natural breasts and implants!

Best Top Styles for Natural Breasts

  • Molded

The molded top style is an ideal choice for natural breasts as it provides shape and lift! The molded top style is stiffer than the classic triangle top and for sizes A, B & C has built-in push up padding. We recommend this top style for competitors who are between an A-DD cup.


  • Triangle

The triangle top style is our most popular top style. The triangle cups come with open pockets that allow you to add/remove padding. Some clients prefer this style as it does not look bulky on top. This is one of those styles that works well for both natural breasts and implants!


Best Top Styles for Enhanced Breasts

  • Halter

Looking for support and lift? Halter is for you! The halter top style is ideal for clients who are heavier on top as it provides support. The halter top style has slightly thicker top straps as well as a hook behind the neck.


  • Triangle

Many of our clients with enhanced breasts choose the triangle top style. This top style does a great job of “hugging” the breasts and fitting the breasts well. We do not recommend underwire or molded top styles too often for clients with implants, as it can look like the bra is just sitting on top of the breasts instead of conforming nicely. The triangle top style is also popular amongst clients who have implants but do not want to look too big or bulky on top.


The different top styles may seem daunting at first, but it is actually simple! One just needs to make sure that they choose the style that will be most flattering on them, not necessarily what their fellow competitors or friends are going with.


Underwire style tops are mostly used for WBFF style bikinis & the new Wellness Bikini category. This style has a minimum space at center bust and a small triangle on the side. For small cups , it has built-in push up.


At Saleyla, we are here to help you through every stage of the suit-making process. Please shoot us a message if you need any guidance selecting the best top style! 


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