Every athlete knows that competition training isn’t just about working out for hours on end. To really push your body to the limit, you also have to let your muscles recover between sessions. And, did you know that there are certain foods than can actually enhance this process?

As well as shedding light on raisins, apples and other tasty treats that can rival your favorite energy drink, the nutrition experts at The Huffington Post have also zeroed in on a few foods that promote cell restoration.

If you’re preparing for a body competition, you undoubtedly know the importance of loading up on protein on a regular basis. Unlike carbs, which actually fuel you on the treadmill, the benefits of protein kick in much later in the game. Athletes of all shapes and sizes should get a good dose of protein post-workout, because it promotes muscle repair, replenishes energy stores and can also prevent the loss of muscle mass after heavy resistance training.

And, though figure competition supplements can help in this area, The Huffington Post points out that greek yogurt is a particularly versatile way to consume this compound. After all, preparation time is approximately 20 seconds from tub to bowl, and you can toss in any of your favorite fruits for a bit of flavor. Add a drop of honey and you have a delicious, protein-rich treat that will help your body bounce back.

One of the downsides of really giving your all in spin class is that your muscles may become inflamed – which may put off your next visit for longer than you’d like! But, the source explains that cherry juice contains specific agents that can reduce swelling. So, while you’re sitting back with an ice pack, why not pour yourself a glass of this somewhat unconventional but delicious and nutritious beverage?


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