The show is done, post-show treats have been consumed and the feeling of accomplishment is running high. Now it’s time to consider taking care of one of your biggest competition investments, your suit! The quicker you are able to clean your suit, the better chance you will have of maintaining its beauty.

Obviously competition suits cannot just be thrown in the washer or passed off to a dry cleaning service, they are much too delicate to be cleaned in an ordinary way. Luckily it is not too difficult to clean a Saleyla suit, it just requires some time and care.

We recommend to gently hand-wash your suit under running lukewarm water. Do NOT soak your suit in water for prolonged periods of time. Use a mild detergent, such as Woolite, to clean your suit. It is normal for the glue used on the rhinestones to turn white when wet, this should fade when the suit dries fully.

Simply allow your suit to air-dry and you’re all set! Certain fabrics can be trickier to clean, and certain tanning products can also be very stubborn in coming off. The tan has a better chance of coming off or fading when you wash it as soon as possible. Store your suit in a cool, dry place in a soft pouch or box, such as the velvet Saleyla bags we include with your order.

Now you’re ready for donuts!


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