Choosing the color and fabric of your suit is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of the suit design process.  The color will serve as the base for your suit to either build upon with rhinestones and glitter or just leave plain. Many different factors affect the color-choosing process. We will break down some of the main aspects to consider when choosing the best color scheme for your custom suit!

Colorful Ombre Crystallized Figure Competition Suit
  1. Choosing a color that will look great on stage

The strong stage lighting used at competitions is important to consider when deciding on a suit color. The harsh lighting tends to wash out lighter suit colors on stage, such as pastels. If you do decide to go with a lighter color for your base, it is important to accentuate with bright rhinestones and glitter detailing to make the suit stand out!

         Bold primary colors do stand out the most; colors such as blue, red or green are always safe choices. There are so many unique ways to enhance the base color of suits with rhinestones and make your suit look different amongst others.

         Some colors that can be tricky include white, copper, gold and orange. White looks stunning on stage, as the contrast between the tan and suit really stands out, however white fabrics are more susceptible to showing the spray tan. White suits can also be more difficult to clean, as the tan can really adhere to the fabric. Copper, gold and orange tones make for beautiful suits, but these colors do not really stand out when you are tanned.

2. Trending Colors

Just as fashion trends change quickly, so do the trends for competition suits! Here at Saleyla, we stay up to date with the latest colors by paying close attention to what our clients are asking for. In 2018, we noticed a surge of popularity for burgundy and darker-toned suits. In past years, colors such as mint green and lavender were also very popular. Despite the ever-changing landscape of popular suit colors, it is crucial to choose a color that you feel most confident in, not just what is “in”.

3. Colors that will complement your suit design

If you are planning to add rhinestones or glitter to your competition suit, it is important to consider how your design will be affected by the base color. For more intricate swirl, geometric or floral designs it is best to use a fabric that is not too flashy or intricate. If the fabric itself has too much going on, it will take away from the overall design. Intricate designs look great on matte, satin or metallic fabrics. For simpler ombre, gradient or all-over stone designs, flashier fabrics such as holographic/hologram will work well.

Even though there are many aspects to consider when choosing your suit color, the most important is ultimately to choose a color in which you feel the most confident in! You will be on stage showcasing your hard work, it can be nerve-wracking and judges will be able to tell if you are not comfortable rocking your suit. If you need any suggestions or guidance with choosing the right color for your suit, please feel free to shoot us an email! We would be more than happy to help.

Colorful Competition Bikini by Saleyla


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