• Geometric

Geometric designs have been very popular lately as competitors are always on the lookout for more unique options to make them stand out on stage. We have been working on a variety of new geometric designs, using crisp lines and beautiful colors!

Geometric Figure & Bikini Competition Suits
  • Ombre/Gradients

         Ombre designs look stunning under stage lights! The shifting of the colors look truly spectacular. We always ensure that our ombres are properly blended to really bring out the beauty of the colors being used!

Ombre/ Gradient Figure & Bikini Competition Suits
  • Superhero designs

We have so many new themed designs! Whether you want an obviously themed suit or a suit that subtly hints at a theme, we’ve got you covered!

Sparkling Superhero Figure Competition Suits
  • WBFF Designs

WBFF approved! We love expanding our range of designs to include suits for different federations. Some of our newest designs include WBFF-approved designs. These extravagant designs incorporate beautiful detailing that really make them stand out! WBFF suits look more like costumes and are a bit over-the-top.

WBFF Competition Bikini

Designing competition bikinis is not just something we do for a living, it is our ultimate passion. If you are looking for perfect competition bikinis that match your budget, then Saleyla is the place to be. We are constantly working on new ideas & designs to supply our clients with the most innovative competition bikini.


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